Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Final Update

Auckland got off pretty lightly, with windows only reaching a peak of 60kph and moderate amounts of rain. The East Coast of the North Island experienced stronger winds, and there were some evacuations due to flooding and slips, but overall we dodged a bullet with that one.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #6

As the wind as moved to the South and barometric pressure levelled off at 994hPa, the rain continues at a steady 0.6mm per hour, with 6.4mm fallen so far today.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #5

Night arrives, and the rain has set in with constant showers, although not heavy yet. Winds are slowly shifting to the South as the storm tracks parallel to the North Island.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #4

Strangely enough, the winds are subsiding! In the last hour the maximum gust has been 41kph, and average wind-speed of 15kph. Cloud coverage is pretty thick though, and while the rain continues it is not particularly heavy. We’re still yet to hit the peak of the storm however, so it may ramp up again.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #3

The Barometer continues to drop, we’re down below 1000hPa now. Some light rain has begun to call in the last 30 minutes, with winds gusting up to 55kph. Cloud continues to thicken and humidity on the rise.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #2

Cloud cover is steadily increasing. Winds continue to increase, gusting up to 50kph over the last hour. No rain as of yet, however it should be here within the hour.

Cyclone Pam Liveblog – Update #1

Current Situation: Nothing particularly interesting happening. Semi-regular updates over the next 12-24 hours as the weather becomes more interesting.